Postcard Marketing With EDDM

Marketing is a necessary expense for an entrepreneur who wants to increase revenue and the local brand awareness for a small business. However, beyond social media marketing and a reliance upon inbound sales calls, a small business may need to shell out some rather hefty costs to spread the word about a new product line or an invaluable service within the local community. Every Door Direct Mail features a low-cost promotional method to reach targeted prospects.

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How do I get my business on Google?

A business cannot survive in the modern world without a strong presence on the internet. Simply having a website isn't enough. Most potential customers use a search engine, like Google, to find and research businesses before they spend their hard-earned dollars.

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How do I get my business on Facebook?

Facebook is a home to over one billion monthly active users. This social network can make a huge impact in your business when it comes to recruiting new clients and maintaining old ones.

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Do I need a Responsive Website?

The days when all you needed for a website was a domain and some content are over. The world has changed and if you want traffic, you will have to change too. For starters, customers want a website that meets their needs.

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7 Simple SEO Tips for Business Owners
Your presence online begins with a website to establish your business. But, to start seeing any significant traffic, you need at least a basic SEO strategy. Read More
The Secret to Long Term Profits

The majority of businesses are only concerned with gaining new customers, and spend most of their time and resources on this.  However, you can avoid this trap once you understand the lifetime value of a customer and start looking beyond the sale.

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The 3 Tricks to Facebook Advertising

Every Facebook ad campaign has a particular objective. Objective refers to what you want your target audience to do when they see your ad.

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What is a QR Code

Materialism descended on Japan in the 1960s like a Kansas tornado. As products poured over store counters, overworked cashiers came down with carpel tunnel syndrome from punching product numbers into registers. Japan and its cashiers needed help.

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QR Code Marketing

QR code advertising is one of the best ways to get persons to visit your business's website. This is because they do not have to type your web address into their phone, and because they can simply scan the QR code in a couple of seconds in order to visit the site. 

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High Tech for High Profit Margins

Although QR (Quick Response) codes have been in existence for nearly 20 years, they are just now beginning to hit mainstream advertising.

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